Tyken's Rift

by Apotheon



A natural state, asleep within the expansive breach
So strange, so quiet
No stimulation - sensory deprivation
Turned into a hollow void - a shell unclean
Now the mind is unhealthy - unable to dream
An aberration, a shadowed mask deep inside
Imagined nightmares, constructed within a psyche refined
Rejected thought waves. Absorbed and combined
The creation of illusions, a trap of the mind

Awaiting the weight of matter
Plunged into a leech like existence
Swallowing slumber induced hallucinations - the human mind can only take so much

Break the rift or be trapped
An unnatural state, awake amongst the drained
So strange, so restless
Wake. Repeat.

Created worlds - Generated
Through induced dream schematics
Extrinsic senses.
Scan the void

Within the strands of energy enveloped an answer lies - pulsating data reveals the source
Unto this plane a disintegration - implode this domain

Peer into reality - does it reflect back the light which you create
Touch the ground - it pulses with life, as do you
Hear the wind - leaves bend at its whim
Feel your surroundings

To break free, there must be release.


released January 15, 2017
Mixed/Mastered by: Edward Kim (EFK Media)
Music written by: Apotheon
Lyrics written by: Reece Deeter
Artwork done by: Caelan Stokkermans



all rights reserved


Apotheon Denver, Colorado

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